View Full Version : Betta Breeding & fin help

Slow Cheetah
09-30-2006, 03:05 AM
I have a male and female betta in a 12 litre tank with small fake plant and alot of rocks and shells. they are both showing signs of being ready to breed e.g. female getting vertical orange stripes and male presenting his fins to her. I have heard about using styrofoam cups for bubblenests but how do you put them in?
just upside down on the surface or completely submerge it? plz help.

My male was in another tank and i moved him out because he was being nipped by my other fish (still not sure of the culprit) and was taking it out on my poor fancy guppies :(. Well after i moved him i used melafix to repair his fins. they have grown back a fair bit but there is no colour in the regrown fins (practacly transparent) i was wondering would the colour come in time or use more melafix? Here is a image of him if you could plz have look. (sorry if bad quality)