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Lady Hobbs
02-12-2008, 05:59 PM
I have debated posting this as I wish to not offend anyone. But, we write posts of experiences that work for us and things that do not. I decided that my experience was just as worthy of being posted as someone who had success so I have decided to post.

I took my parrots off Hikari 3 weeks ago and since then they have been given NLS only and blood worms now and then.

The pictures are of my male. My female would not come out of the cave for her picture so I am posting only the male. He was not "quite" as red as his picture shows but was indeed a deep burnt orange. The last two pictures were taken last night and this morning.

02-12-2008, 06:04 PM
wow Hobbs.... thats a huge difference........ So the NLS change did this..... I am really glad you decided to post this and you shouldn't be concerned with offending anyone as it is your experience with NLS. I completely agree with this post, it is our responsibility as forum members to inform our fellow community members of good and bad events.... We all learn from them..... good post.... By the way my remaining NLS just went in the trash....My fish are back on Hikari-Cichlid Bio-Gold effective immediately..... I trusted Hikari for numerous years and went out on a limb switching them.... I knew I should have sticked with what worked in the past........

Lady Hobbs
02-12-2008, 06:10 PM
I changed nothing. Only the brands of food. My female looks the same only not quite as faded looking as she was more gold and he was very dark in color so it shows more on him.

Who knows what happened here.

02-12-2008, 06:14 PM
Don't know whats going on, back thank you for sharing your experience. I feed NLS, but I also feed 2 brands of flake, and frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms.

02-12-2008, 06:14 PM
These are the kind of experiences we really really need Hobbs!! So thank you!!!

As I have said before you don't have NLS here so it is not an option for me but I have been using Hikari & Ocean Nutrition very happily for a long time now when feeding pellets or flakes...

There is a huge load of hype about NLS everywhere it seems but I would love it if someone could post the ingredients off the packaging for me so I can compare it to others... I want to see if what they claim themselves is possible.

02-12-2008, 06:37 PM
The ingredients are listed on many sites that sell it.

This is very odd. I have heard a couple claims of lost color after switching to NLS. They were not well-founded and did not list what they were switched from. NLS has 4 all natural color enhancers, some foods have very intense color enhancers that may or may not work differently (hormones, colors incorporated by the fish, etc.). Although this is obviously well-founded, I have found it to be an extremely rare exception to the general results achieved with NLS. Every customer I have sold it to and talked to loved it (unless they didn't want to get their fish hungry enough to try a new food). On another forum there was someone claiming similar color loss results that did not say what food(s) they had switched from. One single case is no reason to not even try it or toss out what you have, it is simply something to be aware of. The overwhelming trend is that it is a nutritionally complete and balanced food that also greatly improves coloration. Hikari is really good, but I had used it very extensively before NLS and it is not as good in my experience.

On another note, color improvement over time is usually much better than immediate results. I see the biggest differences 3, 6, or more months down the road when it continues to bring out colors I have not seen in that type of fish before (such as peacocks). Their guarantee is improvement in 10 days, I do not think this is always true.

Which Hikari were you feeding?

02-12-2008, 07:09 PM
This is, indeed, interesting. After what I had been reading on here, I would have not expected those results. Are you going to keep feeding them the same for a while, or are you going to switch back? I just took a quick peek at their site (www.nlsfishfood.com) which says

"Feed New Life Spectrum fish food exclusively for 10 days. You will notice enhancement in color and vitality of your fish or we will simply refund your money."

Sounds like you could at least get your money back if you are less than happy with results. Is this more or less expensive than the Hikari?

02-12-2008, 07:20 PM
wow. very interesting. sorta glad my fishy dont eat it now lol i feed them bloodworms, brine shrimp and plain ol tetra flakes and they all look awesome. :/ shame of NLS. id get my money back if i were you.

02-12-2008, 07:40 PM
hold on, maybe they are peeling to get a better coloration then. :hmm3grin2orange:

thanks for sharing hobbs.

02-12-2008, 08:53 PM
Like fishguy said, it might just be that they won't fully develop their color until a few months later, but it does seem odd...
Are you sure it isn't something about the water quality that caused this? Stressed out by something maybe?

Thanks for sharing that! If all we got were positive reviews on anything we'd be in the dark!

02-12-2008, 08:56 PM
I noticed Hobbs that you said you fed the NLS and bloodworms to your fish.. its actually best to just give them the NLS, you will probably see better results of color, and growth a lot faster. Im still going to feed my oscar the NLS when it gets here. Hopefully they turn back to their original color Hobbs.

And JB, why waste the food??? You could of gave it to someone, like me.

Lady Hobbs
02-12-2008, 10:01 PM
I am not saying anyone should switch food or that NLS is no good. I just have shown the results that have transpired with MY fish. Your experience may be different.

Blood worms do not make a fish practically turn white. I give them a few after they have already eaten once or twice a week as I always have.

For me, no. I will not be continuing on with this food. For all practical purposes, if this is how much of a change I see in 3 weeks, why would I want to continue? Do I want my parrots to look like snowballs. NO. LOLOLOL

Fishguy......I have the Cichlid Forumula.......the parrots loved it but the firemouths never would eat it. OOPS.....You asked about the Hikari...... A variety of Hikari really. Hikari gold, Hikari sticks, Hikari blood worms, etc.

02-12-2008, 10:04 PM
Wow, that is a big colour difference, unfortunately not for the best.

I think you have discovered one of the biggest mysteries in the music industry though:wink2:

02-12-2008, 10:25 PM
LoL, so hobbs check your male maybe hes not even a male anymore :hmm3grin2orange:

also what kind of hikari you were feeding them before the NLS? I want that! lol

Lady Hobbs
02-12-2008, 10:27 PM
Oh My Gawd. NLS turned Michael Jackson white too!

Crackatinny, you are something else again.

02-12-2008, 10:34 PM
HAHAHA Crack, awesome!

Thanks for sharing Hobbs makes me feel better for not having it :D

03-04-2008, 05:50 AM
I've been looking for this thread and finally found it. I'm wondering how the BP's color are now that they have been back on the Hikari for a couple weeks?

I think I'd have to do the experiment twice before I was convienced it was the food. I just gave my daughter some NLS a couple days ago for her BP because it wouldn't eat her flake food so maybe it will get done twice lol.

I'm glad you told us about your experience. It won't stop me from using NLS for my mbuna but if my daughters BP looses color, I'll get her some Hikari & hope it returns. Anxious to know if yours is Lady Hobbs and hope so.

03-04-2008, 05:52 AM
Wow, that is a big colour difference, unfortunately not for the best.

I think you have discovered one of the biggest mysteries in the music industry though:wink2:

i am so late in this thread, but that is priceless!

im back to only hikari now, ive never had problems with it

03-04-2008, 04:01 PM
It's always good to know everyone's experiences.

I'm quite happy with the Omega One...I think it, plus what ever foods I'm offering (such as frozen and/or fresh veggies) is a decent diet.