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02-12-2008, 11:10 AM
my guppies (currently 3 of them) in the 10g are sick. i have just finished a 5 day treatment for them in the tank by treating with aquarium salt and LifeGuard All In One tablets. anyway, water parameters i am unsure about haven;t bothered to check since they are on medicine and cannot do any water changes til tomorrow as i just am finished with treatment, have to wait one more day according to medication instructions on package,

symptoms i have noticed are:

general inactivity (moving around some but generally settling by filter, heater or sometimes lying on the bottom of the tank. )
1 guppy i noticed had what looked like a red area or sore on the anal
the others i don;t think have that i haven;t noticed and can;t really check as they don;t exactly sit in the "right position" in order for me to tell better
appetite has decreased eat some but not much
tilting of body in the water, hanging there
maybe some fin rot but i can;t really say for sure

i have been feeding some antibacterial food and they have been eating alittle but i don;t know how much of it they actually get down in their stomachs and how much goes to waste. i feed a small pinch of that plus as well as reg. food and flakes. been using some aquarium salt to treat too. have not noticed any improvement. i have treated with the LifeGuard one treatment for the period of 5 days plus salt and some stress coat and thought they were doing better but now... my questions is should i try some other medication and if so, what should i try? i don;t really know what is wrong with them hoping some one here might have more answers.

02-12-2008, 11:07 PM
is there any other visible problems on them besides the red sore, perhaps a white cotton or white spots or anything?

or does any of them look like part of them has been eaten away? or a big lump on them or anything like that?

03-17-2008, 06:21 PM
sorry it took so long to respond back to your question. I have currently been treating the guppies with Coppersafe and Maracyn 2 for a while and it seems to have helped plus the medicated foods I am still giving them. as for lumps, bumps or spots no they don;t have anything like that I am not even entirely sure if there was a red sore to begin with. I had a fourth guppy in there with popping gills but it died before I could treat, the others are doing much better. also i got myself a new heater because the other one stopped working for some weird reason and the temp is back where it should be at 80 degrees. they are swimming around alot more now and not just huddling in the corner like before. so i must be doing something right. after i do another water change or two i am going to start treating with some melafix and pimafix because it looks like they have fin rot plus the melafix is anti bacterial.