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02-08-2008, 04:54 PM
I am still agonizing over what type of fish to put in my tank with my Kribs. I currently have 10 zebro danios in there and two Kribs. It is a 55 gallon Hex. I am considering several different fish. I want mid water to surface dwellars so they don't bother the Kribs much. I am thinking rainbowfish, or possibly an Angelfish. I have heard conflicting things about Angelfish and their aggressiveness. I don't want them to chow on my danios, or the Krib fry (If they ever produce any) would that happen? If I go the angel route how many should I get? I know angels would do well because the tank is a hex and therefore tall. So it is kind of perfect for them. I do like the Koi Angels and have found a hatchery that sells them.

Can you think of any other fish that would be compatable with Kribs? Are there any Cichlids that could go with them or should I avoid that since they could become a breeding pair? I am trying to carefully plan my next addition and in doing so I am driving myself crazy! What is larger than a danio, nice to look at, and would do well with a pair of Kribs, in the similar water conditions as a Krib. I'd like another pair of Cichlids, but am afraid that I may be causing tension unless there is a species who would have minimal conflict like keyholes or Rams.
I like guppies, and am tempted to go that route, but am afraid of a huge over population in my tank. (Although I've heard Angelfish would help clean up the fry) For that reason I am a bit leary of any livebearers.
Any suggestions would be VERY much appreciated.

02-08-2008, 07:20 PM
Some of he larger rainbowfish are perfect tankmates for the kribs, who get quite aggresive during breeding. They are fast enough to aviod getting urt, and are quite colorful. Or, you could get maybe 3 larger bolivian rams.