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Blue Ram
02-05-2008, 12:34 AM
Blue Streak Hap {Labidochromis Caeruleus}

General Information

The Blue Streak Hap is most commonly known as Yellow Labid or Electric Yellow Mbuna. It ranges in the wild in East Africa, at various depths and habitats in Lake Malawi. It generally reaches a size between 4 8 {10-20cm}. It is a Cichlid and other suitable companions for this fish would be other cichlids of similar size and aggressiveness.


The forehead is curved and the body is elongate. The body color is a extremely bright yellow and the iris of the eye occasionally has a short black bar running diagonally through it. The median fins are yellow with black margins and the pelvic fins are black with blue streaks along the leading edges.

Aquarium Suitability

The aquarium should be having some rock structures that come up almost to the water surface and with hiding places within the rocks. The substrate should be coral sand in order to buffer the pH and keep the water alkaline. They thrive in an environment with a pH of 8.2 and a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. To tell the sex apart males have the black on their dorsal, pelvic and abdominal ventral fins.