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09-17-2006, 06:57 PM
Hello everyone. I happend across the site, by searching Google. I was looking for a Fish keeping community that I could possibly engage in discussions and read others on a daily basis. I am 23 and started my fish keeping hobby when I was only about 16. Started with 2 10 gallon tanks, and now have a 75 gallon. I moved recently and had to take my tank all down, and didnt put it back up for a good 2 years. Just too busy and never got around to it, Finally however, I have broken out the tank again, re set it all up, invested more money into it, and its going good now for about 2 months, and my passion for the hobby has returned full force.

Right now, I am running the single 75 gallon. I also have a 10 gallon tank, it is more so my girlfriends however, and she keeps a betta in it atm. My 75 gallon has 3 fish in it atm, 1x Green terror, 1x Convict, and a large Pleco. The green terror is about 2 inches long, the convict closer to 3 inches, the pleco is probably about 6-7 inches. The green terror and convict are both males. Green terror is very aggresive, and hals already killed 2 tiger oscars.

I have a lot of experiance raising cichlids in particular, before I broke the tank down 2 or so years ago I had raised 2 tiger oscars (at different times) from 1 inch to full adult (doesnt take them long :P) also raised 2 red devils (male and female) convict, and another green terror.

After my cichlid obsession, I had a desire to experiment with live plants, something I had never tried up until that point. Several months down the road, I had rebuilt the entire tank, and had a lush green forest, complete with Co2 injetion, 140watts of light, and approx 35 fish in a community tank set up. As bad as it may sound, this sparked a new interest for me, and I enjoyed growing the plants more than having the fish really.

Now, with the 3 fish I have, Ive done something a little odd for a cichlid tank, and am restarting my planted aquarium. The cichlids are still small, so I am hoping they dont start digging up my plants for a little while. I have started off slow however, with only 1 large Amazon sword, 2 bunched groups of Elodea, and some water sprite. I also have some misc. Bulbs I just added about 3 days ago to play around with, Nymphaea (red and green lily) and some Hybrid Aponogeton bulbs. I plan to expand my garden as time progresses, I want to get the tank nice and balanced having just reset it back up however before I jump in too heavy. I am sure I will eventually be getting rid of the cichlids as i expect them to start tearing up my garden as it grows lol.

Thats it for now, sorry for the extra long introduction. Hope to meet some nice people here, I havent had much time to browse the forums just yet, but im sure there are some awesome people here. Cheers^^


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And I liked your long intro.

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Welcome Tornado! Another chatterbox like myself :)

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Welcome to AC

Lady Hobbs
09-20-2006, 01:42 AM
Hey new guy from FL.......hello.
I just moved from FL to MI last November. Too many hurricanes to my liking but I do like FL.

But I have a question. We are in the same time zone but I don't know how to set it here. If yours is correct, let me know what your setting is as we are in the same zone.