View Full Version : 1st attempt at breeding

01-26-2008, 08:34 PM
hello all im new here so be nice thumbs2:

Ok well I have an extra tank its a 2.5 gal self contained tank (its a fancy pink one! :rolleyes: )that my sister used to have a couple of Neon tetras in it. I have been taking water from my 20 gal and filled it up and its been running now for three days, and there are a layer of marbles in the bottom.
I have 3 zebra danio's; one huge egg laden female and two males. I put the two males in my turtle tank with my hatchling Red Ear Slider. the female is in the 20 gal with the rest of my fish.

Ive been reading about breeding them for about a week now and decided to give it a try, but i have some questions.

1. How long should i keep the male and the female apart for?

2. When should i move the female into the "breeding" tank, and when do i move the male in?

3. How long do i give them until they mate, or don't mate?

4. what temp should the tank be? as well as the water p.h. and hardness?

5. is there any other little tidd-bits that anyone has found to make this a successfully experience?