View Full Version : Help for Cory rapid gilling?

01-17-2008, 03:53 AM
One of my cories started gilling really rapidly yesterday and I'm getting concerned. I was semi-hoping it was just stress from one of my tetras freaking out and biting everything in the tank. Now I'm afraid it might be gill damage from the velvet I've been treating for the past 3.5 weeks. He's definitely swimming to the surface of the water for air more often and his poor little cheeks seem like they've been going nonstop. He's swimming around and exploring as usual, but I kind of feel like he's not getting any rest.

Is there anything I can do to help him? Any other causes of this that you all can think of? I did a 60% water change yesterday and have been doing 40-60% water changes every few days to keep things clean the past few weeks. I've been dosing with coppersafe and melafix for the velvet. Water parameters are all fine. Temp is around 80 degrees. It's a 6-month old tank that was fishy cycled. He wasn't one of the cycling fish - I've had him about 3 months.

I took him out yesterday and tried to make a quarantine bucket for him, but then I couldn't get the filter to work right (lesson learned - set up bucket first, THEN tear up the tank trying to catch the fish) so I put him back in the tank. I know normally you can give fish some salt to help with their gills but don't know if I can do that at all with cories or if that will only stress him out more. The other two cories look fine.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!