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04-24-2005, 02:33 AM
i was sitting watching my reef tank in the nook when i heard a noise that sounded like a small pet sneezing. we have a med-sized dog, a shiba inu, who was also in the room, so i immediately presumed it was her - but she was asleep. i looked at my ray tank and saw my motoro swimming around under the cascade of the filter, which it has always enjoyed. i then noticed he was swimming w/ his eyes out of the water, and i've never seen that before. then he flicked one side and splashed water over the top of him, about a 1ft away. i haven't seem him splash either. next he swam toward the back and put his side kind of up the back glass out of water and then blew water/air kind of like a whale. that was the same noise i had heard in the first place. has anyone seen or heard of that?

04-25-2005, 12:59 PM
There can be a number of reasons for the behaviour you the describing.

Some rays even do it for attention. But since you haven't seen it before i say thats less likely.

I would test the water conditon to make sure that your water quality haven't worsen.

04-29-2005, 07:30 AM
thanks for the reply.
i found some other discussion concerning rays coming up to the top and even out of the water during feeding. it seems as though they can become quite attached.
i've only had my motoro for 3 months, and i really didn't do any research before buying it. i'm friends w/ my petstore owners, who fortunately wouldn't let me take it for a week after i had the tank cycled. i didn't know what cycling was, so i looked it up. i decided to use 3 eels to put in with 1" fine grade rock and sand. i chose the eels because they would stir up the bed.
now water quality. i was told that my PH needed to be @ 6.5 - mine's been severly above that ever since i set it up. i had to lie to the store to get them to let me take it, but my PH was actually @ 7.0+. i took a chance there, but it was because of something i read. some guy in CA was saying that his PH is @ 7.8 and he couldn't get it down - that's just how the water is down there. his position was that maintaining consistency was more important that achieving perfect PH. that formula seems to work for me anyhow. my buddy @ work is way more serious than me and he always tells me that i'm crazy, but i'm luckier than him, so i don't put much faith in all the rules.
anyway, my motoro eats ravenously, as do the eels - pretty much frozen bloodworms. i put some mysis in there today and the motoro liked that. i also put 75 white clouds in there about 2 months ago and they were gone after a few weeks.
and he's grown - has a whole ring of new spots. seems to be doing ok.