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01-11-2008, 04:43 PM
OK, here is my DIY Tank stands.

I should add be sure to use HARD wood, it is stronger. make sure all your cuts are square so you do not get the wobbles.

As your tanks get bigger in size, your wood size will need to increase, but these stands will work up to at lest 55G/4fts.

First you'll need to build the bases in which the tank will sit on.

In this example we will be using my 29G tank stand.

Building the "box":

you will need two "boxes"

1. Make the width 1.5" wider then the tank it self, look at the photos.
2. Make the length about .25" longer then the length of the tank, the ends will hold the tank.
3. looking at the photo, you'll see that underneath I have placed flat end supports for added strength.

the depth of the "box" is 3.5" and made out of 1x6 poplar that has been ripped down to the width that I truly needed.

If you need to butt two pieces together for the width, split the different on your seams. and use supports underneath.

make sure you over lap your top planks over the "box" ends for add support.

you can use wood screws to screw together the "box" it will hold just fine.
BUT you'll need .5" lag bolts to bolt the "box" to the ends/legs.

Drill lag bolt holes evenly spaced and centered in the box ends and leg pieces as shown in the photos. leg piece should be about .25" higher then the hight that you''ll need the base of the tank at.

the photos will show you a lot.