View Full Version : anyone know anything about mini mate (self-sufficient tank)?

04-05-2005, 09:49 AM
I was at the Royal Easter Show last week (Sydney) and bought one of those self-sufficient miniature aquarium
The lady said that there are nitrogen fixing bateria in the water to convert fish waste to plant nutrient and the plant can grow and convert CO2 to O2 for the fish.
The instruction for me was to feed the fish (siamese fighting fish) once every other day and change the water every 3 month or when it gets cloudy(not disturbing the gravel).
Everything is fine except that I discovered recently that the plant is very limp and weak (does not "stand" nicely) and there are big pieces of the plant floating around the aquarium.
I am tryign to figure out if it was because there was too much/little light but then that doesnt' account for the big chunk of plant pieces, which could only be there if the fish was biting them off right?
Please, if anyone has any suggestion or know anything about this type of aquarium, please let me know. I am afraid that if the plant die, the O2/CO2/NO3/NH3 cycle will be broken and sent the aquarium into wack.
(I tried to call the number that they gave me but it has "activated its incoming call restriction")

04-06-2005, 03:47 PM
Not my formost area of expertise but i might be able to help if i get some more information.

What is the size of your aquarium? is it round or squared?

which plants are planted in it?

Regarding the floating plant piece i might say that bettas eats plants if they dont get enough to eat so you might consier feeding a little more.

07-20-2005, 05:24 PM
Beneficial bacter or not, a month alone without water change sis enough to kill your betta.

I am wondering if you have a peace plant (generally kept with bettas, especially in vases, and are falsely rumored to be the food a betta can sustain itself on) or some other type. Different types of plants require different amounts of light.

The fact that you say miniature aquarium and betta in the same sentence I automatically suspect your tank is no larger than a gallon. Anything less than four gallons doesn't really cycle, or can't hold a cycle well enough, and it is just easier to do larger water changes more frequently. That means there is no reason not to distrub the gravel, which is really collecting excess fish food and fish waste. My guess it that would set your NitrAtes off the chart at some point in time.

Your plant is probably, and unfortunately, dying. Some of the "branches" may be "falling" off as it does so. I don't think it is the work of a hungry betta, considering you are feeding it...well, I'm not sure how often...

Bottom line, Princess-- you got scammed. :D (Nothing unusual)

Not that it really matters now...

08-06-2005, 02:02 PM
In a tank (or vase, more accurately) that small and with no filtration, I would be doing water changes at least a couple of times a week, or even every other day. If the plant isn't healthy, it likely isn't doing doing a very good job of absorbing the wastes that the fish produces.