View Full Version : Oscar Questions

12-30-2007, 10:34 PM
Hi all i was just wondering how do u train oscars? and how do you tell there Gender? plz answer soon
Cya Harls_aussie

12-30-2007, 11:29 PM
i dont think you can train a fish......and you cant tell the gender. Only way to is have more than 1 by 2 of them pairing.

12-30-2007, 11:31 PM
training matters on what you want him to do

12-30-2007, 11:35 PM
i guess the only thing you can train is them to jump.. mine already does that and its not good.

12-30-2007, 11:36 PM
you can actually train them to swim thrrough rings pull strings and stuff.

12-30-2007, 11:54 PM
how do u train him to hand feed and alsotoswim through hoop. no movies plz i only got dial-up

12-30-2007, 11:58 PM
feed from the hand is easy just get him used to you by leaving your hand in the tank for increasing periods of time. And for the hoop. Use a brightly colered hoop. and hold food on the other end of the hoop. Something special. then keep repeating and pretty soon all youll have to do is stick the hoop in the water. And remember that these thing will take time.