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12-22-2007, 12:31 PM
My 55 gallon is cycling right now and I think I will use it as an apisto tank but before i stock it i want to find out a little bit about many different species of fish I could stock it with.
I have never had a goldfish tank before and I think I may want to use the 55gallon as one.
My question is what are some easy to care for, nice looking starter goldfish that I could use in my 55 gallon and is there anything important I should know about goldfish keeping? types of food, water parameters or anything like that? Are there any other compatible species of fish i could keep that are compatible with the goldfish.
Thanks any advice is appriciated!

12-22-2007, 02:02 PM
They usually do best with just goldfish. Dojo loaches are a common and safe tankmate. Mystery snails do well with them too. There are some other things, but they are not necessary.

The hardiest of the 'fancy' ones (double tail and round body) are the fantails. They come in lots of colors and patterns so they would make for a nice setup.

Goldfish like room temp, need lots of filtration, do best on sinking foods (floating can cause air intake which can cause swim bladder infections), and I would have them (and any fish) on sand.

In a 55 (obviously always depending on water changes and filtration) you could do 5, maybe 6.