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12-20-2007, 05:28 PM
Heres a picture of my Oscar. He's an Albino Tiger Oscar and his hobby is eating lol. sorry for how blurry it is, but take it from me, hes very pretty and very nice.
tell me what you think. Ill try to get a better picture with a better camera.

12-20-2007, 05:31 PM
He looks awesome! thats a good pic mine are never that clear!

12-20-2007, 05:41 PM
thank you, believe it or not, thats a petco fish (: hes so friendly. His name is Popeye. (like popeye the sailorman) lol.

Edit: His tankmate is a green severum or "Peru Severum". I have a picture of him too if you would like to see that. They get along very well. at first they didnt, my oscar kept chasing him around and even nipped at him and left a mark. But now they are good friends. And i have a tank picture.

12-20-2007, 06:11 PM
Very nice oscar, lots of color. Of course we want to see the pictures!!

12-20-2007, 10:58 PM
Thats not a blurry pic! That is a GREAT pic! I never get them that good! Nice oscar! I like the orange in him, not just all white.

12-20-2007, 11:15 PM
thanks everyone. he didnt have those colors showing really when i first got him home, or when i saw him in the tank where i bought him (petco) but after putting him in my tank, with good food he has been showing his colors all the time now and loves to follow people nonstop when walking by. he can eat and eat and eat for hours so i know his apetite is good. hes just an overall great fish. If you have the room, i would highly reccommend an oscar.

12-20-2007, 11:25 PM
awesome oscar, his coloration is really good!

12-21-2007, 01:39 AM
and as for the sevrum he wont stay still so i cant get a picture.

12-21-2007, 02:02 AM
heres mine

12-21-2007, 03:16 AM
Nice tank evil!! Thats a nice oscar was well oscarfan.

12-21-2007, 03:27 AM
thank you sir, i put a lot of time into it.

12-22-2007, 04:34 PM
unfortunately i can't see the pic. could you please upload it in another site BigEvil?

nice one Oscarfan http://qsmile.com/qsimages/83.gif

12-23-2007, 12:21 AM
sorry blu, i thought everyone saw it.

12-23-2007, 07:09 AM
thanks man. thats a nice albino. good feeding and he will get awesome orange on the body. nice severum as well.

BTW, i don't forget my friend's tanks, i know you ...

12-23-2007, 07:19 PM
Thanks, and yeah my old name wasn't working right.