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The Cichlid Keeper
12-03-2019, 09:45 PM
I don't know how to vote. I can try to figure that out myself., or I'd like some help.

12-19-2019, 10:16 PM
I don't think that there are any contests (POTM, TOTM, etc) to vote on presently.

The Cichlid Keeper
12-21-2019, 03:14 AM
I seem to have been too late, but it would still be helpful to know how to vote.

12-26-2019, 02:36 PM
When a contest comes up to vote on it will be posted under "POTM, etc". It will tell you that you can start the voting and when the voting will end. There will be several pictures to choose from (Hopefully). Each picture will be labeled 1,2,3 ect. At the top of the post will be where you vote on your favorite by clicking on the number that you vote for. At the end of the voting time the results will be posted once the votes have been counted by the mod.
I hope this helps.