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08-11-2006, 07:23 AM
Finally I have decided which fish I want in my 38litre tank!!! :D
Please tell me if these will be ok together!
8 neon tetras
1pr platies
1pr guppies
1 upside down catfish

Will these be ok together? Do I have too many fish? Or can you suggest another algae eater suitable for living with the above tankmates and suitable for beginners?

Too many questions! :lol: Thanx nix

08-11-2006, 12:04 PM
Your tank will be okay. You could add a pleco or a alageeater.Doesn't matter. Just make sure your up-side down catfish does not eat your neons.Alex.

08-11-2006, 05:18 PM
Thats ok. The upside down catfish can however grow a little big for that tank over time but should do well in that tank for atleast a year.

Also I would avoid plecos they grow way to big for that tank. Go for a bristlenosed catfish instead. Looks similar but is much smaller.

08-11-2006, 05:26 PM
an otto would be a very good algae eater. the "pair" of platies and "pair" of guppies could soon turn that tank into an overstocked nitrate factory not good for anyone involved. upside down cats are like many fish and individuals grow at varying rates. it is very possible that it could outgrow that tank in a matter of months. so if you want to go with the platies and guppies i wouldnt encourage too many of the fry to survive unless you have a dependable outlet for them, most easily your LFS.

08-11-2006, 06:46 PM
I would take reptileguys word about the growth rate of upside down catfish. My experiences with them are that they grow slowly but my experience is limited to a small number of specimens. Some corydoras cats might be a better idea.

08-11-2006, 06:49 PM
yes, cories would be better for a scavenging/bottom cleanup crew. just dont get one of the huge species like bronze. albinos wouldnt be too big. cories are schooling too, so 6 or more would be ideal, but i think in a 10 gallon 3 would be fine.

08-12-2006, 12:32 AM
Just my two cents here, I'd be careful if you get an albino cory. My sisterinlaw has had hers for 8 months and its about four cms long. I'm not sure if an albino would grow to that large in your tank, I'd stick with bristlenosed. But each to their own ^_^

08-12-2006, 02:38 AM
Both of my albino, and bronze colored cory's are only around the 3" mark...and adorable.....and William is right...common plecos that you usually find will grow WAY too big. The bristlenose stay much smaller, and I believe I also read the albinos stay smaller than the regular ones, which is why I opted for the albino bristlenoses. Check out some plecos that stay smaller for the future...I believe I have a list somewhere of smaller plecos, will have to dig it out if you are interested in a pleco.
Cory's are great at eating the food that falls to the bottom and great entertainment in my sand bottom tank.

08-12-2006, 05:16 AM
Thanks for all of the info. Went to the fish shop today and bought my neon tetras-5 of them. The lady at the shop said we should get 5 max and get 1 lot of fish per week.
Saw some nice catfish-
Corydoras Sterbai
Peppered cat

08-12-2006, 12:39 PM
i have 2 sterbai cories in my 55 and plan on adding more to fill out the school. great little fish. different from what you may find a lot at many LFSs as far as cories go.

08-18-2006, 07:26 PM
Thanks for all of your help. I just have 1 minor adjustment to make to my list. it now looks like this:

5 neon tetras
1pr of guppies
1pr of dwarf gouramis (sunset???)
2 sterbai cories

Have only got my neons at the moment, but plan on adding my guppies and cories today.

08-18-2006, 09:52 PM
That list looks good.