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12-10-2007, 04:41 AM
Hey guys, I dunno if you had this problem but I'm pretty sure some of you had. When I tried to install my Python-like Vac system, I noticed that my faucet didn't wanted to cooperate at all. The threaded part of the Python connecter was not enough long to catch on the threads of the faucet. Aww... Took me a good minute to thing how I could find out an adaptor to "extend" theses threads... So went to Home depot... Searched and... Plain nothing would work... SOOOOoo... I noticed that "Universal connector"... It can screw in anything and you can screw mostly anything onto it. Wow... but only problem is that my Python-like Adaptor have a problem... the interior threads are wrongs... probably a bad casting or whatsoever so the interiors threads are not perfect. So, can't find anything the screw onto the outside and can't manage to screw anything in side... I was stuck... Sooo I managed to get the interior catch a very little bit onto that adaptor I was about to buy and had an Idea... Epoxy ! I bought some Epoxy for steal and got home, Opened the tube, managed to put the 2 peices together and put some stuff onto the 2 parts (while managing to get as large as possible so the epoxy would stick to the threaded parts on both adaptor. Result, after drying, I have a faucet adaptor that can hook onto any kind of faucet and it's permanantly hooked onto the original Python-like part :D. and it took me 10 miuntes and costed a little 10 bucks !. Now, nothing seems to be leaking but I'll be testing it tomorrow for actual result.

I've added a few pics :D

Lady Hobbs
12-10-2007, 09:08 AM
Sure is a pain to buy something and then have to remake it in order to use it tho. You did good!