View Full Version : Eggs: last chance

09-11-2018, 12:22 AM
Both of my markomoreb crayfish died; I got them without proper care information, as I got my first fish from Petco when I was six and got stuff on the pamphlet checklist. I should have acted sooner. But when I realized the importance of ammonia/nitrite/nitrate testing, it was too late. After the egg-laden crayfish died (tail injury inflicted by the other), I removed the eggs from the gills ever so gently. They were oxygenated with plants and an air pump in a QT cup, now they are floating in my main tank to maintain optimum temperature without an air pump. Do they have a chance? Thank you. When (if) the eggs hatch, I will do my best to help them; there is a PH, nitrite, nitrate, high PH, and ammonia test kit coming in the mail.