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09-10-2018, 01:45 AM
I think this is the second time I ever saw this plant send up a flower stalk and it's been in the tank since the beginning. I didn't get any seeds back then, but I've recently set up an aponogenton growout, so I'm hoping I can get some baby crinums growing that way as well.


If anyone knows what to do, let me know! I'm going to be searching the net, but if anyone has personal experience.....
Or knows if it can self-polinate or whatever. For the aponos, I ran my finger lightly on the flowers, but there was more than one blooming at a time.

09-10-2018, 01:54 AM
Very nice! Following to learn. I got my first from this family this week.

09-10-2018, 02:07 AM
Ok, well it's nothing like aponogenton flowers lol, so I'll have to do some investigating. It should break the surface soon and I don't remember what to expect. Hope I don't mess this up!

09-10-2018, 02:52 AM
Check this out. I don't think they are specifically talking about the flower, but it is still interesting. Here is the link https://www.aquascapeaddiction.com/articles/crinum-natans

"If you want to grow more of the Crinum Natans plant then all you need to do is take the bulb offshoots and plant them in dirt. These offshoot bulbs cannot be grown immersed in water and need to be grown on dry land. On a side note, if this plant is healthy it will send a shoot to the water’s surface and actually create a flower. These plants are quite versatile, aren't too hard to grow, and make a beautiful addition to any aquarium."

Interesting that it says the new plant must be grown on dry land.

09-10-2018, 03:54 AM
Thank you Nautilus291! Actually when I bought the plant, it had one side shoot. I planted them together and the offshoot just died off. I guess that's because it was submerged.

After looking at some pictures of the flower, I do remember it blooming once before. There are two flowers that I can attempt to cross pollinate. I don't know how the seeds develop, but I read and as I remember, the flowers only last a day or so, so I better get on this and figure it out. So far, I haven't found any results from anyone having success with it.

09-22-2018, 07:22 PM
One of the flowers bloomed two days ago, and the second flower yesterday. I tried to pollenate the flowers with a Q-tip, but have no idea what will happen.

09-22-2018, 07:27 PM
When the second one bloomed, I used the same Q-tip and tried to cross-pollenate. No idea...:shrug:

09-22-2018, 08:07 PM
Doesn't hurt to try, those are some cool looking blooms

09-22-2018, 09:30 PM
Beautiful flowers! I can never get over how green and healthy all of your plants always look.

09-22-2018, 11:00 PM
Those are beautiful