View Full Version : Clown Killi spawning issues.

08-10-2018, 08:09 AM
For the life of me I am unable to get my clowns to spawn.

Water is mixed tap and Rodi

Ph 7.6
Tds 130
Kh 2-3
Gh 3-4

Huge amount of peat and oak leaf.
From what I understand the water conditions I have are very similar to the breeders as well.

Next plan is to possibly try bare bottom tank with just moss and wollen spawning mops.

Any ideas?

08-10-2018, 05:10 PM
How many do you have (M/F ratio)? What size of tank?

I once was going to try spawning clown killies. My plan was to use a 15g separated in two. I'd leave the pair or group on one side and move them over to the other when I saw they spawned. I had a bunch of moss on DW that they liked to spawn in. I think a smaller tank is actually better. But the males still ended up terrorizing the females so they were always hiding and stayed lower, so I wouldn't keep them in a small tank for long. I could be wrong, it's just what I noticed with them.

Do you notice the males chase the females and don't like eachother?

08-10-2018, 09:20 PM
The males endlessly chase each other day in day out.

Females are mostly left alone. Well if noticed they get chased until a male takes the other males attention.

08-10-2018, 11:04 PM
I love this fish! Following to learn

08-16-2018, 08:40 AM
I love this fish! Following to learnSo what I have decided is to start a fresh.

Been building a DIY fry rack with sump.
This in theory should allow for all the ease of spawning ect in controlled environments.

Condition the fish then add them to spawn. Raise the fry then move on. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180816/ba370b10e62d97c6f2a5ebdd56f76a63.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180816/b965ac005117a9a2db4fe1ba062a8ee4.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180816/a4c96d2a0ea00976bc12a25b97252394.jpg

08-16-2018, 05:06 PM
That looks really cool mac! If you have time, I'd love to know how this works. I'm assuming you have a big sump to add more water but keep the fry in a small area. Brilliant! I'd love to build something like this too for fry!

So then all 3 are the same system? And are you going to breed the parents in there, or is it just for the fry? If it's just for the fry, how will you gather the eggs?

08-16-2018, 05:10 PM
How many males compared to females did you have? I had 2 males and 4 females. I think with only two males, they were able to focus on the females sometimes instead of just eachother. They really do chase eachother relentlessly. I think they get too distracted to spawn!

08-16-2018, 10:18 PM
3 males 5 females

08-17-2018, 12:02 AM
Awesome set up!

08-17-2018, 03:39 PM
3 males 5 females

Maybe try a group with one male?

08-31-2018, 09:17 PM
So update time. (edited Saturday night 01/09/18.)

I am planning a new tank for these in the house so I can watch them more carefully.

So far zero spawn.

Nice fat females and one less male. Two males 5 females. But they males endlessly chase and fight. If a females get to close she will be attacked with out mercy.

Just figured out why I am not getting fry.
Face palm. Face palm bug time.
Could be the hug amount of snails in the tank eating all the eggs up. No it is all the snails.

Time for a clean and fix for that issue.

09-03-2018, 04:33 AM
That's a hard fix! You think you get them all, and then a week later there is more. Hopefully the new setup works out, I'd love to see some pictures of the new setup in action.

09-03-2018, 05:16 AM
That's a hard fix! You think you get them all, and then a week later there is more. Hopefully the new setup works out, I'd love to see some pictures of the new setup in action.That is one hundred percent correct.
They do always seem to pop up that us for sure.

If only shrimp where legal in nz.