View Full Version : Moving Sale!

05-26-2018, 06:10 PM
I am moving in a few months and am getting rid of all of my current livestock in preparation...looking to part with plants only online. However if you are around Abingdon, VA I would love to give away my fish to responsible keepers.

First up are the plants from my 40G breeder...its a mix of crypts and Anubias barteri.

Next is my 50G long(same dimensions as a 55G just not as tall)....huge amounts of Anubias barteri, dwarf sag, and Val.

Then of course my planted 75 gallon...with Vals and crypts.

Looking to move all these plants at a incredibly cheap price to get rid of them. If you took every plant in my collection I would ship it to you for $150 gift payment...I will also break up the plants by tank if interested. I suspect shipping all this would be $30-40.

01-05-2019, 02:30 PM
Great deal, but this is too much plants fot me. Im interested in some vals, anubias, and longer crypt. I already have green and red wendti crypt. Can you tell me how package a package to fill a 55g?