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02-28-2018, 12:25 AM
First, it's great being here; thank you.

I am going to jump right in because I am so excited. I have a male and female Craw Fish, Waldorf and Astoria. I have seen them mate two times. The last couple of days Astoria has been missing even during feeding. I do have a terra cotta pot that she could have been hiding in. Anyway, finally under three small rocks I found her, she had dug a nice hole in the gravel and is down in there. I looked closer with my phone camera and BAM, I could see eggs around her backside.

She is in a 55 gal community tank, 3 baby angle fish, 1 larger angle fish, 1 blue Danio, 6 neon tetras, 2 small algea eaters, 1 Placo that always stays in the log hiding, 3 Cherry Barbs and 3 striped danios, and of course Waldorf (dad). Should I take her out and put her in her own smaller tank, leave her and removed him, or leave her in the tank she is in but separate her away from everyone else?

Please help, I am so excited and nervous. Thank you tons.


02-28-2018, 12:32 AM
Welcome to AC. Hopefully you will find it a good place to both learn and have fun.

02-28-2018, 02:02 AM
Welcome to the AC forums.

I've moved your thread to the Crayfish section, for more/better responses, located here: http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/showthread.php?t=127625