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Hello everyone, my name is Liv. I have been keeping fish for around 10 years but have also branched out to other animals. My favourite aquariums to keep are brackish, they open up a whole new world of fish you either never knew existed or never knew needed salt in their water! Right now I have 2 active aquariums as I recently just lost my 13.5 gallon reef tank to a bad tank crash. Of the 2 only one is worth looking at, the freshwater tank had a huge ich outbreak and I lost a lot of fish and overall dexterity of the tank. My pride and joy has to be my brackish aquarium setup, home to three bumblebee gobies, a red claw crab and soon to be a figure 8 puffer fish.

Now, about that red claw crab. I have been keeping RCCs for a year now, and in that year I have had a lot of bad luck. In the last week I bought a new RCC with a body only about the size of a penny. This is the youngest RCC I have kept so I was a little nervous bringing him home. He was sold to me in fresh water so I figured the jump from no salinity to 1.010 would be a lot for him to handle. I normally keep them at 1.012 and it has worked great for me. The first night went extremely well, he is the only crab in the tank so he had freedom to wander around, climb and eat my plants (they are swords). The following morning I woke up to him on his back next to my plant. It seemed really early for him to be molting, he had only been in the tank for 7 hours. I touched him to see if he was alive and he started to flip. He then started to shake violently and stiffly walk to the plant and cling to it for dear life. He then spent two days on his back and I did manage to get him to eat. Every time he flips on to his feet he shakes violently and stiffly walks to a different part of the tank to cling on. He is constantly shaking and can barely move his legs. I am really worried about him and I haven't experienced anything like this before. I lowered the salinity thinking it was shock but he isn't improving. Could it be that the Sword poisoned him? I really need help here!

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I am unable to give a hand regarding rcc. Brackish a is a little out of my expertise unfortunately.

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While I know almost nothing generally about brackish tanks, I do know that every aquatic animal purchased from a shop has to be properly acclimated before being introduced to its new environment. Since your crab was in freshwater at the store, did you slowly and gradually acclimate him to the brackish water before dunking him into your brackish tank? He could very well be in shock from the sudden, extreme change.

What kinds of plants do these crabs normally eat? Do they normally eat swords? If this is an inappropriate plant for your crab's diet, it may be causing major upset. I don't know if a sword would poison him, but if it's not the kind of plant this species normally eats, it would be best to either remove the sword or rehome the crab, which might now be difficult since it is obviously ill.

I suggest doing some research on this species of crab and learning what's best for it in captivity.

Welcome to the forum. Hope your crab pulls through.

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