View Full Version : Hood and stand for my 50g

12-03-2007, 05:49 AM
When I got my tank (while ago), I said to myself... I need a hood... but I didn't wanted to pay too much money for it so I decided to create mine as a DIY project... now, I can officially say that it's mainly done and looking very good.

So here's the specs... The stand is the original metal stand I got with the tank initially. The hood is made of light wood and contain a venting system, night light and fluorescent lightning (only 8w for now but soon much more). It's covered with a black velvet cloth for the front and side of the hood and the top part (soon!) will be covered with a plastic-like material. Also, it's possible to open the top for feeding/care/maintnance. All the electrical parts of the top is powered by an old computer Power Suply unit located under the tank near the canister filter. The stand is also covered with the same velvet material and was initially designed to host a transfer pump for water change but due to the noise generated / low flow output of the pump, I had to modify the system to use a python-like system which is much more efficient now.

So, here's a few pics, enjoy ! :D and comment !

Pics notes:
1st = initial tank when I got it
2nd = The Eheim Classic 2215 canister filter
3rd = when I finished the hood (almost finish actually)
4th = The actual setup with the stand covered