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02-17-2017, 03:36 PM
A few days I got A couple of small rubbernose pleco's,they quickly went to work on my tank glass.I have/had some algae on my glass typical light coatings of green algae some brown.In the few days I have these rubbernoses they have made quick work of the algae.

the algae on my glass is dwindling drastically but these active guys are still hanging out on the glass all day.

My question is what else can I give them for A food Supplement,I tried crushed up algae wafers but they did not touch them,they have been sitting there for A day or so just creating ammonia I did not realize until I did my water change yesterday and as I vacuumed the sand I was sucking up little pieces of wafers with my vacuum so I know its hardly been touched.

Any flake food that hits the bottom of the tank is gobbled up by my Black Ruby's they are always foraging the bottom of tank for food thats why I am surprised that the algae wafers were not touched at all.

lights on or off my pleco's are always up front and center they just have not shown any interest in food at all just clinging onto the glass.

I have my wife picking me up A small cucumber and some Zucchini today at the supermarket I am hoping they take to that and eat something.It worries me A bit that I have not seen them eat at all just hang on the glass but it does not seem to be effecting them any.They are still up and center and very active for pleco's.

Last question? is wood necessary for Rubbernose pleco's I have heard conflicting answers some say this particular species does not need it in their diet while others say it should be kept in your aquarium it helps them digest.


02-17-2017, 07:19 PM
I have seen many cases from many many types of plecos always drift towards staying close to drift wood for natural security and for some reason seem to try and sleep up side down under sections of drift wood.

Mine bnp a different type but similare eat anything. From meaty discus pellets to algae wafffers, Cory pellats. What ever is fed in the tank take its interest, it will eat. Timber being one of its main interests.

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02-17-2017, 07:24 PM
Fresh vegetables.