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02-11-2017, 07:03 PM
I have a 65 gallon tank 3ft version my current fish are

(14)diamond tetras
(12) black ruby barbs
(1) Rainbow Shark
(2) clown plecos bringing them back to my LFS to exchange for (6) oto's

I want to add (6) rainbow fish to my tank the 3 that my store has in stock are


I know very little of rainbow fish so I am looking for some opinions on which of the three would best suit my tank

If it makes a difference I have black riversand with a decent amount of plants Amazon swords,water sprites, a crypt and a very tall rotella

Will I be pushing the limits of my tank by adding rainbows?


02-11-2017, 07:26 PM
Go with a group of the dwarf neon in my opinion the others get pretty large

02-11-2017, 07:27 PM
I just replied about this to your journal thread. Hopefully others will chime in as well.

FWIW, I have 7 Boeseman's in my 100gal, and I love them. I've also strongly considered the turquoises. I know my Boeseman's are incredibly FAST when they want to be, and dart nearly the length of my 5' tank in the blink of an eye.

02-11-2017, 07:34 PM
For a 3ft foot tank I would only go for thread fine, or dwarf neon. But with the nipper fish like the diamond tetras and barbs the thread find are out.

Other wise for the leangth of tank your very limited in the type you can get

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02-11-2017, 09:07 PM
Given those are your choices go with the Praeox, they stay smaller than the other two as stated already, stock 8 if you do. You might need to loose the rainbow shark as they get more vicious as they get older.

02-11-2017, 10:03 PM
Thank-you for your opinions Adding a batch of rainbows would probably be too much for my tank to handle from what you guys are saying.I really hate to bring the shark back I can always rehome him if he gets too aggressive once he gets older.I have thought about adding a small group of gold barbs maybe 6 or so they only get to be about 3" they may work better than the little bit larger 4" rainbows

02-11-2017, 11:28 PM
I think 8 praecox ( I spelled it wrong before) would not overload your tank, if you like them well enough, 3.2" is the max they reach and not often that size in tanks:https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiU3_fmmInSAhXilVQKHULMD7sQFggaMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.seriouslyfish.com%2Fspecies%2 Fmelanotaenia-praecox%2F&usg=AFQjCNF7VTbYhj5FDTkyI0GygmtlGhL28g&bvm=bv.146786187,d.amc

Awesome fish for something different, but get what you like ;-)


02-11-2017, 11:49 PM
I agree like I said before go with those you won't be disappointed ;)

02-12-2017, 12:43 AM
Thanks again guts no need to rush things just wanted some opinions right now I am tossing around either the dwarf neons or gold barbs my lfs has plenty of both.just got back from there I swapped out my clowns for two rubbernose plecos.I really did not want to bring them back but I really did not want add driftwood into the tank either and by not doing that I would be depriving them of an essential source of food.I was going to get a group of ottos but The ones my lfs had were too small and they would have been eatien.I should be alright with the rubber noses it's not like I have a ton of algae and what I do have I clean up with a magic eraser pretty easily when I do my weekly water changes.I will toss around the rainbows & gold barbs no need to rush things when it comes to my tank I can be patient when I need to be.

02-12-2017, 12:50 AM
I've got six Crimson Spot Rainbow fish in my 65-gallon. Have had them for several months, they are thriving and growing. The Crimson Spots are a cooler water fish -- that is, they can tolerate cooler water. They might also do well in a tropical tank. You can research them and see if they would do all right at warmer temps. They're a good community fish -- I've never have any problems with mine attacking anyone.

They're in with seven Rosy Barbs, three yellow glofish, three zebra danios, five white cloud minnows, 3 dojo loaches, assorted snails and about a dozen Amano shrimp.

Maybe not quite as colorful as the tropical Rainbows, but still nice fish.

02-12-2017, 02:48 PM
I haven't seen those crimson spotted rainbows before. They are pretty fish, especially the specimens that have some blue on their backs.

02-12-2017, 10:48 PM
Just an update I went up to my lfs today to get some algae wafers for the rubbernose's I picked up I think I made the right choice bringing back the clowns and picking these guys up they went right to work on my glass and have not stopped they have been visible and active since I got them but that's for another post that I am going to make comparing my brief experience with the two.

To follow up while I was at the fish store they had some bigger bosemani rainbows and as you guys have mentioned it would not have been wise to put that particular rainbow in my tank and you guys were quite tight I did not see the bigger ones when I was there the other day.gorgeous fish,very unique but if I decided to add a group of these once they got older I think I would have ran into overstocking and room issues they do get a bit bigger than I pictured it's always nice to see fish at their full size to better judge how they would fit into your plans.

I am still looking to add another small school to my tank

The praeox rainbows could still be an option I suppose as they only get to be about 3"

As well as the gold barbs which also only get to be about 3"

Does anyone know of another small group of tetras that may be added into my current mix without overstocking my tank and be intimidated by the high activity level of my current residents

I did toss around the idea of adding a pair of rams if I went this route I would have to research a lot further not sure if my tank characteristics would work for them.

02-12-2017, 11:10 PM
Not really any small group of tetra around. The do best in large schools of around 10 or more to get good schooling patterns out of them. I love the head and tail light tetras, along with black neons.

As for the rams that I would not try it with the rts in the tank. Something that would end in bad way. Three territorial fish and a small foot print would lead to a fast conclusion of either the rts being bullied or the rams bullies badly. My bets on the rams being taken out by the rts.

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02-12-2017, 11:18 PM
Did not think the rams would be a good option just figured I would ask.

The more I mention the rainbow the more people say it's going to be a problem once it matures.

I have no experience with them so I have to say it worries my a little but I do also understand each tank and fish is different.

I am going to take the wait and see approach I have a good relationship with my lfs so I can always bring him back once he matures if he becomes a problem crossing my fingers he does not cause any problems I really like him/her

02-12-2017, 11:24 PM
The rbs, or the standard rts ime have been perfect. But I'm saying that though the tank was heaily planned around them to take away as much possible territorial issues you can. Tons of wood work to form natural caves. Plant work right barriers, more drift wood and java fern as well java moss mats all over.
Plus the tank size was 100g so plenty of space and ability for him to feel like the boss. Also made sure that the shark was the only territorial fish in the tank to keep the tempers down.

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02-12-2017, 11:46 PM
I totally understand every time I mention that I have a rainbow shark the response is they get big and aggressive you may want to rehome him.

I know a bit about aggressive territorial fish I did have Africans for quite a few years

Different territories is important with territorial fish I understand this that is why I chose not to add Cory's to the bottom of my tank because of the way a shark can be.I think plecos would fair a lot better and was not quite sure about rams I kind of figured it would not be a good idea adding two territorial fish to the bottom of my tank


02-12-2017, 11:58 PM
Rainbow sharks do tend to be mean/aggressive fish in most cases but here is video that I found showing this behavior, again not my video.