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01-12-2017, 02:57 AM

My baby is just a little over 5 years old now! Since the average lifespan (I believe) is 9 years, I guess that means Macaroni is less a baby and more a middle aged fish :sconfused:. I have included a couple pictures, and a description of the tank for those interested!

40 Gallon Tall

- "Macaroni" (pictured) Gold Freshwater Angel (I've always seen some minor pearlscale, but maybe that's because I'm his momma thumbs2:
- 5 Sterbai Corydora Catfish
- 2 Clown Plecos (one 3" long, one slightly larger, about 3.5")
- "Snake" Miraculously still alive Black Kuhli Loach, part of the original gang (creatively named)

- 1 very large and thriving Anubias Barteri on Mobani driftwood (about 1.5-2 years old)
- 1 smaller, younger Anubias Barteri on Mobani driftwood (6 months old)
- 1 small and slightly struggling Anubias Frazeri planted in gravel (6 months old)
*With plants, I am lucky to have had success with the Anubias Barteri since they are such low light lovers. I have a 17W Aqueon "plant" bulb, but I am aware that this is hardly enough light to expect to grow live plants. This is why I have stuck with low light requirements for my plants, and why I do not put much confidence behind their success (so I am surprised when the plants stick around) I have looked into buying more wattage to have more success, and have tried CO2 dosing my tank before, but I did not enjoy it and was not very good with it, so I can't justify spending much money on better lighting.

Other Decorations:
- Mobani Driftwood attached to 2 previously mentioned Anubias Barteri plants
- Various aquarium rocks that came with the aquarium and stand when I bought the tank

Technical Stuff:
- Aqueon filter for 75 gal
- Heater that currently does not work
- Air pump (sorry, I totally forgot the name of the brand when I bought this 2 years ago, it is a blue sphere though with lots of power!)
- Dechlorinator (I use the same stuff my locally owned fish store uses and markets with their brand name on it)