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01-05-2017, 04:26 AM
Since it's been about 5 months since I've seen the BNP I bought from Petco (who knows what health it had when I bought it) I'm thinking about getting one from TWS. I see they have a "super red" Ancistrus and it looks awesome. Does anyone know how big an adult super red gets? I tried searching the Internet but couldn't find much. Do all species of Ancistrus get to be the same size?? I have a 40B tank by the way.

01-05-2017, 06:30 AM
Man you must have a very well planted or well set up tank for hiding places, because my Ancistrus's are always out and about.
From what i under-stand they are a sub bread selective bread type so I would assume that they around about the same size as a standard bn. Around 5-6in. All of mine over the years have reach around that size very well.
One thing I have found with these is a bit of cucumber to pull them out of hiding works well.

01-05-2017, 10:03 AM
You could keep a pair or trio in a 40 breeder, but waves of BN fry would eventually crowd out other fish.

01-05-2017, 01:23 PM
Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus

125mm or 4.9" SL (without tail)

This species was known as Ancistrus sp(3) in the Cat-eLog from February 1997 until August 2008, it will likely still commonly be referred to under this name for some time and even its current designation is a little tentative. For these reasons we've left "sp(3)" as a common name. Several colour forms exist as well a long fin strain. The super-red form was first line-bred from the calico form of the common bristlenose in Germany. As is the way with the common bristlenose, they are pretty fertile and as soon as the pure strain got introduced into the market, it quickly spread across Europe and over the Atlantic. A long-finned variety was also line-bred from them relatively soon after that. There is some variation in the quality of the strain, a good strain produces 100% all-red offspring, less-than-optimal breeding stock (even if they are all-red) can produce a fair amount of offspring with some residual black markings.


01-05-2017, 02:40 PM
Thanks!! I will probably only get just one, so I'm not worried about fry.

01-05-2017, 03:10 PM
Very pretty variety of BN, if you get one we definitely need pics.

02-09-2017, 08:41 PM
I have pair of super reds. They have a cave full of eggs right now. This is their second spawn.

02-09-2017, 09:15 PM
I have pair of super reds. They have a cave full of eggs right now. This is their second spawn.
You must be very excited to have a fry on the way

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02-09-2017, 10:40 PM
my wife found babies abount a month ago. I got about 25 out of the tank and moved to another tank. not sure how many made it.They blend in so well with the Fluorite substrate in that tank. i use this tank as a grow out tank for plants I pick up or cuttings from others. Ill keep a close eye on this batch and relocate them also.