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08-05-2006, 04:04 PM
New to the board site looks great, Im setting up my new aquarium for Pirahnas, prob Red Bellies or Black - any tips advice would be great, aquariums around 100 gallon I have an emperor filter running, water looks good, I'm trying to get my PH right and make sure everything is good before I spend the cash... I've read a few post on other sites saying air pumps aren't necessary the filter moving surface water is enough?

08-05-2006, 08:17 PM
The filter movement of the water is enough as long you keep a good water quality in the tank.

I don't know what other tips you want but if you wonder about something in particular I will try and help you.

11-13-2006, 07:27 PM
Hello there!

I just finished stocking a 90 gallon tank with 8 red belly piranhas. They are still babies (2 inches) and seem to be getting along just fine. Growing rapidly!!!

I read that air pumps are not really necessary as long as you have a great filter. I purchased an Eheim ($300 canadian). This filter is a work horse. You don't want the currents in the tank to overpower the fish. There must be dead currents in certain spots so that the fish can rest. Remeber that piranhas are shy and timid fish. They are easily scared. Give them time to adjust.

Best to buy babies in the beginning and watch them grow. Feed them flakes and pellets. I used to have a feeder goldfish inside so that they could nibble on the fins. Fins are supposedly high in protein. The downside is that goldfish are loaded with parasites and flukes. If you want to feed them live food, buy a separate tank (15-20 gallons). Is is inexpensive. Buy a small filter and heater. Buy 1 male and 3 female platys. They breed like crazy. Keep your tank clean and treat with aquarium salt (follow instructions on aquarium salt carton) every water change. This will keep your live food that you will feed the piranhas very health and clean eliminating many parasites. Flukes requiring different treatment.

Take care.
Dr. J

01-11-2007, 02:24 AM
neol welcome to the site , i must say you have to consider where you get you P's from because most store brought P's are just fed live foods , this is not good in the long run reason being is it gets expensive and much headach having to constintly go to the petshop to buy fish to feed , not to mention it gets pretty boring and rather sick to watch the P tear apart fish that most keep as pets , your best bet is to obtain them from someone whos got them for sale that has alot of knlowedge and proper ways of maintaining them and feeding them nonlive foods like Krill ,squid , silversides or various types of fish brought from the fish market , if you feed live foods sooner then later , notknowing , you will feed a sick fish to you P , and that will not produce positive results , my first P was an Elongatus and he was a pure monster killing machine , in one night he killed off 7 fishes , always hunting in the dark of the night while the other fish slept , he would make the other fish gain confidence by graceing by them and wouldnt do nothing to them , so they thought it was cool....then as they slept he would mathodically tear them apart......i had to get rid of him and sold him because it would have been impossible to break him off his feeding habits and to starve a fish and make him want to eat the kinds of foods he isnt used to would be hard , they are hard to untrain....trust me obtain your P from a source that knows how to take care of them the right way , they are one of the most intelligent fishes you will ever come across and are really misunderstood in many respects , people think they are mean fish , it is just the opposite , god made them who they are and you have to have understanding for them and then respect them for who they are , they are pure predators , always on the move , then at times they dont seem to move at all , but also sometimes shy and aloof , they would do best fed on a diet of nonlive foods .. i wish you the best in the type of P you do hapen to get ..

01-11-2007, 02:34 AM
Thats a good platy idea!