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07-21-2016, 02:01 PM
y the stop of potm totm etc...

07-21-2016, 02:11 PM
Cliff was handling the comps...once he became ill, he no longer had time to keep up with them

I PM'd him and told him I would help get them back up again, but I have sadly not heard from Cliff in a very long time

07-21-2016, 03:04 PM
He became ill? What happened?

07-21-2016, 03:11 PM
I don't remember the exact circumstances...it seems like ages since he was last here...I hope he's OK

07-22-2016, 08:21 PM
wow don't sound good but ok thanks

10-25-2016, 03:36 PM
I've PM'd him a couple of times, and haven't received a reply. I hope he's still with us.

If you can, Cliff, please just generally let us know something. We're concerned about you.