View Full Version : Firemouth. OOPS.. Big Girl is really Big Boy

Lady Hobbs
11-25-2007, 05:49 PM
When I got my firemouth, she was not very red. About what you think the female would look like so I dubbed her Big Girl. And bought a small male.

I changed their tank last night to the 55 gallon planted and "she" has been a 'he" since the move..........bright red and flaring her throat since at the algae eaters and the featherfin. Most definately a male........so now I have two males. oh-oh

Generally pretty much a hiding cichlid, HE is now out and about all day even with the bright tank lights on and acting all ticked off over something. Pretty funny to watch but guess he doesn't care for his new home. One thing is for certain, He sure hates that featherfin!

What are my chances of having just two males together. Right now they get along fine but later.........??

12-10-2007, 09:34 PM
The only way to keep Meekis apart is the look of their genital part. grrrr I dunno what you call "Genital Papille" in English. Its the white thingy right in front of their lower fin.

With males its looks like a slightly bent needle top, thin and longish.

With females its a white bigger kind of hump.

Flaring and color and even fins can be misleading. Dominant females can be coulorful, can have tipped fins, and of course females also flare.

Its still possible you have a colulorful female....