View Full Version : How to net large angelfish

04-14-2016, 03:52 PM
I have a question for you who have moved large angelfish from one tank to another. What is the safest way to net or catch large angels without hurting them. I need to move my pair into a larger tank and not sure how to move them.

Thanks Jim

04-14-2016, 05:27 PM
Best way? Not sure about that, but I kind of cradle the fish in a large soft brine shrimp net. If the net is too small, they will curl in the net, so a really large one is best. I've had a large angel flip out of a net on me before, the net was smaller, he was very large. He flip floped onto the bar, off the bar and onto the floor! That's why I say to use a large enough net or at least cover the top of the net with your hand while out of the water. With a big enough net, you can kind of pinch the net at the top, the fish will be cradled in the soft net against its flanks so that they are kept still. BTW, my jumping angel was fine though, I just plopped him as fast as I could into his water in a jug. Be careful with their fins. And try not to stress them out while catching them. Usually they are very easy to catch.

I'm sure you could use an unused (un-soaped) juice jug, and guide the angels into it with your other hand. Try not to actually touch the fish though, to not remove their slime coat.

But maybe someone else had a better idea.