View Full Version : Coral on the verge of death

12-31-2015, 02:59 AM
I know that this is a noob post but I left to get married a few weeks ago. Told my friend how to feed the fish and turn the light on. He was only turning it on when he was there so for about 10 minutes every two days. When I got home my Pink Polyp Capricornis had started to disintegrate. Part of the Coral had turned white. Luckily only a small corner. What are some steps I should take to make sure its ok?

01-03-2016, 05:40 PM
bummer, sorry to hear about your monti. there are days and even weeks where there is cloud coverage over the reef. corals can go some time without light, but surely will begin to loose color and for sps, like your monti, the areas that are in more shaded lighting, may begin to recede. this can be described as STN. Luckily for you, once a monti has begun receding you still can have a good chance on keeping the animal.

firstly you should consider grabbing a $10 timer from the hardware store. this would ultimately of kept the photo cycle for you while you were away. congratulations by the way.

try to get the sps good flow, and good light and minimize the shading on the monti.

what is your lighting system? try to begin to replicate the same hours of light it was once used to, and then once I know what type of lights you're working with I can make a suggestion on how i would run those lights over my system

you may consider doing a water change to replenish any lost elements during the trip. however, since there was no light, im not thinking much was depleted.