View Full Version : Building a Crayfish Tank and have some Q's

12-14-2015, 05:53 AM
I have a 55 Gal Breeder WIDE tank that I want to make into a crayfish dedicated tank. Looking to get some Electric Blues to Breed hopefully (if you have any sites that sell that and would like to recommend please do). My tank is ment to house animals like snakes and lizards but I am pretty sure it will do just as well holding water as its a pretty heavy tank and the glass is like half inch thick or so and the glue is all in good condition around the tank. I plan on using sand as the substrate and have a few Ideas on what type of filters i want to use. Going to try to do the DIY style before i purchase any type of over the counter Filter...

here is what im thinking...

Here is the First thing I want to get set up in the tank, thinking of using TWO of these and placing them both in the middle of the tank with a good amount of space from each other but not directly in corners of the tank if you understand what im trying to say lol


its a DIY Fluidized Bed Filter using K1 Micro. Since crayfish are pretty good at eating ANYTHING that is on the floor this should be good for basic water filtering I hope.

the second part of my filtering is going to be this...


this is the Undergravel Jet System I want to use on my sand bottom of the tank. Should work out pretty good and keep the tank and sand clean.

what do you guys think?