View Full Version : Not sure if my female betta is black lace or melano or something else

11-16-2015, 08:45 AM
Okay, so I'll get a picture up tomorrow, it's almost 2AM right now... I have this betta. Just got her a couple days ago.
She's black, but not I'm-being-sucked-into-the-void black. Like a matte black, not very shiny and possibly just a reaaaaaaaaalllllyyyyy dark gray, but overall pretty black. her fins are silver striped, but overall a nice red, particularly visible in certain lighting. She is also masked.

I want to know if she is fertile or not, because I also have a male betta in a separate tank. He's a royal blue with wonderful, big wavy fins, a rather expensive/fancy betta that was apparently $20 or so but since he had fin rot I got him for quite cheap. They both have beautiful colours. This one has a black head, with a shiny, deep blue body and red on the ends of certain fins.