View Full Version : Pleco and Crayfish BFFs

10-02-2015, 05:34 PM
I've had a little Crayfish in my 65gal for a few months now and got a Pleco about a month ago. My guppies and gourami always swam near the cray but he never seemed to mind, he just hangs out in his little hiding place most of the time. The fish always swim into his home and though I worried at first none have been snipped or injured. At first when I got the Pleco he was constantly sucking on the side of the tank then suddenly he disappeared. Naturally I picked up the decorations to make sure he was ok and I was surprised when I found him laying next to the cray fish under the middle deco. The crayfish looked fine and so did he! Neither are fighting or hurting each other and it seems the Pleco spends the majority of his time with him now. Is it just me or is that weird? I have other decorations they could hid in but they choose to be roomies so I'm considering them best friends now lol

The Pleco is behind the pink coral now and the crayfish at the bottom but they are usually both laying right next to each other