View Full Version : Little Fellows, Big Personalities

09-03-2015, 11:05 PM
I've only had ghost shrimp for a while (also looking to get some cherry shrimp but... we'll see what my LFS gets) and I've noticed... they have some serious personality! They have favorite places and even favorite fish!

One thing that amuses and confuses me though, some of them seem to prefer to walk and crawl pretty much everywhere in the tank, while others are almost always swimming unless they're at rest/eating/grooming. What's the reason for the different locomotive preferences, or is it once again just a personality thing? I've noticed the bigger ones seem to prefer swimming and the smaller crawling out of my mixed crew.

I haven't been able to name them very well due to them all appearing very similar, but a few have earned names for themselves. Billie likes to stand on the bridge, Freakazoid is always on the power cords and doing the macarana, the newly named Batsy seems to like hanging out upside down, both when swimming and just... standing, and Gardner is always hanging out on the turtle moss ball "plucking" at it and despite being my smallest shrimp (and there being plenty of other live plants for him/her to go to) s/he's chased off my larger shrimp if they 'invade' the moss ball. It's kinda cute to watch all of it. (I have sexed some of them, like Batsy and Freakazoid are females, but Billie and Gardener are still fairly tiny (about as long from tip to tip as my tetras are wide from dorsal to ventral) and I can't see anything on or in them).