View Full Version : To our members...

07-20-2015, 05:40 PM
I was recently contacted by a well known and established member here who had received a PM from a new member concerning non-fish related topics. The PM was forwarded to me, and it appears to be either junk mail or possibly some sort of scam.

If you receive any unsolicited PM's that you feel are inappropriate/junk/scam, forward to me or one of the other mods here, then simply delete the PM without responding to the origin source.

DO NOT click on any attachments, offer personal info, etc. Treat the PM's you receive as you would regular emails you get in your personal email accounts...if it seems the least bit suspicious or "just not right", forward to a mod with your concerns, and delete the message.

Common sense stuff here, but I want everyone here to have an enjoyable experience without having to deal with dubious activity.