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07-29-2006, 08:29 AM
Hello, I am a newly wed to a Cichlid tank.
It's been about 8 weeks now. I started from scratch. Took all the regular precautions. Got everything, including my cichlids from a very reputable aquarium store. Started with "starter" fish to prep my water. At about 4 weeks, I was supposed to bring a water sample in to have tested, which I did. Mind you, I have been testing it myself... Everything was good, but the next day, one of my fish died. One of the "experts" told me it was probably just the weaker one of the 8 fish I stated with. Now, I was planning on adding more so that there is no such thing as one dominant fish, and tonight, I came home and all the fish are swimming near the top. Two are at the bottom and one is floating next to the filter. I tried moving him, and he is just floating around aimliessly. Like he's about to die. The water seems fine! I don't want to lose another one! I don't know what is wrong! The dominant one seems to have nipped at the other largest fishes fins. Just a little bit. The rest seem fine! The temp is right.... One of the store employees told me to start adding a "buffer" recently to get the water just where it needs to be. Could this bethe problem?
Mynitrate is a the 2nd pink (safe), my nitrite is at white (0)- still safe zone. My hardness is at the 2nd to last (150) which supposedly the cichlids like the water harder. That's what I've been told. My alkilinity is at the highest. (blue)and my Ph is at 7.8 - which is supposedly correct as well. Either the above are wrong, or I have one fish that is too dominant and I need to add more cichlids to the tank. The one that I know will be dead by morning, does not look like it's been nipped at. Please help! Anyone who has advise.
Sincerely, NINA3

07-29-2006, 10:43 PM
Which cichlids are you going to keep. The water parameters that you mention ar suitable for some cichlids (african lake) and not so suitable for others.

Have you changed any of the values during the last days?