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03-31-2015, 05:05 AM
Hey everyone. Before i say anything i will let you all know i am new to this and this is my first saltwater setup. I was hoping you guys could help me out. I'm trying to get my stock of fish setup for my tank. A little about my tank: have about 100 lbs of live rock and sand. have a 30 gal refugium.

Right now I have 3 chromis, 2 damsels, 1 diamond goby, 4 trochus snails, 6 hermit crabs.

I was looking at maybe removing the damsels and my wish list right now is:

- 6 line wrasse (1 or 2?)
-tomini tang
-blonde naso tang ( I know it will get to big but I was going to look for a smaller size one and when it gets to big I do have somewhere to take it)
-one spot foxface
-coral beauty angelfish
-green/red/spotted mandarin (if any which would be better)
-pearlscale butterfly fish

Please let me know what you think. Anything I need to take away. Anything differently I can add. I don't want to overcrowd but I definetly don't want to not have my full potential on my tank. Any inputs would help. Thanks

03-31-2015, 05:44 PM
Good idea removing the damsels.

You stocking list looks like you would most likely be over stocked before too long. Below is what I would suggest from you listed fish:

1-6 line wrasse
1-coral bueaty
1-pearscale butteryfly

I would not suggest adding a mandarin unless your tank has set-up and healthy for about a year. You want to make sure there are enough pods continuelly growing in your tank before you consider getting one of those fish. They will need a lot of pods to eat.

03-31-2015, 06:09 PM
So with the list you suggested do you suggest anything else to add in the tank. like I said in my initial post. I don't want to overcrowd but I do want my tanks full potential

04-02-2015, 07:07 PM
Hey everyone so I just wanted to do a quick update on my stock listing for my tank. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
-coral beauty angelfish
-blenny?? Any particular one in mind. That would help
-sunset butterfly fish
-pair of cinnamon clowns??not sure if they would be compatible
-one-spot foxface
-long-nose hawkfish
-tomini tang
-leopard wrasse
-chalk bass.
Please let me know what you think with any suggestions

04-02-2015, 11:09 PM
That last stocking list is more overstocked than this first one

Perhaps if you could share some more info of what type of FOWLR set-up you want, I can help you with some better suggestions rather than just point things out

Do you want more or less aggression?
How much activity do you want ?
Do you like smaller or lager fish ?
Is there any group of fish you like more than the other (tangs, butterflys, lion fish......... and so on) ?
do you prefer all different fish or some schooling fish ?

Do you have a skimmer?
What do you have in your refugium ?
How long has this tank been set-up ?
What are your parameters typically at ?
What type of substrate do you have ?
Do you have hiding spots in the rocks for fish, and if yes, how big are they ?

04-03-2015, 02:36 AM
Sorry like I said I am still new to this. I really don't want an agressive tank. I do want a lot of activity. I want it to be lively. Well I do love tangs, butterflies, and dwarf angels. I prefer different fish. Small or large don't really matter but I do want like the tangs and butterflies. I have a protein skimmer, 30 gal refugium. With also a carbon filter and bio filter balls. My tank has been up now for about 2 months now. All my live rock and sand came from a well established tank. I have 100 lbs of live rock and my substrate is a mixture of fine sand/rock. I do have hiding spots.

04-03-2015, 04:59 PM
I am just trying to get the best potential out of the tank

04-03-2015, 07:55 PM
Yes, but you also need to keep the long term stability of the set-up in mind.

With part answers to my last set of questions, I will offer you the below suggestions:

Option: 1
-no tangs. The need a lot of swimming room as well as very large hiding spots in the tank
-stick to two different of the mid sized butterflys, like:Pearlscale Butterflyfish (Chaetodon xanthurus), Red Sea Eritrean Butterflyfish (Chaetodon paucifasciatus), Longnose Atlantic Butterflyfish (Prognathodes aculeatus), Australian Stripey (Microcanthus strigatus), or a Butterflyfish (Chaetodon punctatofasciatus)
-stick with one dwarf angels like: Golden Angelfish (Centropyge aurantia), Potter's Angelfish (Centropyge potteri), Half Black Angelfish (Centropyge vroliki), Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loricula), Lemonpeel Angelfish (Centropyge flavissima). or a Pygmy (Cherub) Angelfish (Centropyge argi)
-And for even more color and activity, 4 of either Blue Reef Chromis (Chromis cyaneus) or Chalk Bass (Serranus tortugarum)
Just remember to add the angel last

Option 2:
Rehome your current fish and consider adding 6 to 8 of one type of the below fish
Similar Damselfish (Pomacentrus similis)
Azure Damselfish (Chrysiptera hemicyanea)
Yellowtail Damselfish (Chrysiptera parasema)
This set-up is the saltwater equivalent of a African set-up. You will have to add all of the fish at once

Option 3:
Rehome your current fish and add:
-1 of either Radiata Lionfish (Pterois radiata), Antennata Lionfish (Pterois antennata) or Mombasa Lionfish (Pterois mombasae)
-1 Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis)
-2 of either: Longfin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis), Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus filamentosus), Flame Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus jordani), or Lineatus Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lineatus)

Just keep in mind, the lionfish and betta will need to be spot fed, about every second or third day, but well worth the effor

04-04-2015, 12:31 AM
OK thank you so much 4 your input. I greatly appreciate all the help

04-04-2015, 12:55 AM

I am not too sure how hard it will be for you to get marine fish were you live, so I though I would give you a few different options

04-04-2015, 07:08 AM
Ya i have a petco here but I normally go about 45 minutes away to a better store