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01-02-2015, 05:08 PM
I have 4 bamboo shrimp (aka Singapore, Flower shrimp) and one of them is berried for the second time. The first time the eggs didn't hatch at all and one day they were gone.

I am looking for ways to have the eggs successfully hatch, but no one will tell me if they need brackish, salted, or fresh water for the eggs to hatch or any info at all. I guess its a trade secret, but I am not looking to get into the business of selling, just want the ones I have to hatch.

Any ideas?

01-02-2015, 05:14 PM
"Like the Amano Shrimp, this species requires brackish water during the larval stage in order to successfully develop from hatching."

From this: http://www.planetinverts.com/Bamboo_Shrimp.html

01-02-2015, 05:34 PM
Yeah, what constitutes "brackish" and do I just put her in brackish, or put her in separate freshwater tank and let the eggs hatch in the freshwater and then remove her and then change the water to brackish? How salty would be brackish?

I may be too late cause I notice she had the eggs for 2 days now...how long do they take to hatch?

Sorry- (potential) new Mommy anxiety...

01-02-2015, 05:49 PM
That's the thing...no one knows how "brackish", or tank raised ones would be sold instead of wild caught ones

My guess is that in the wild, they move from fresh to brackish once berried, or once the eggs reach the larval stage

Recreating a fresh/brackish boundary within the same tank would be quite a feat

01-02-2015, 07:47 PM
Well reading up on it, many suggest following amano shrimp methods and moving the female to fresh water tank until she releases eggs. Then remove female and begin to slowly change salinity mimicking their migration from freshwater to saltwater where they go from larval to small shrim and I am guessing travel back to freshwater. The missing variables are the salinity, and the whole darn time frame...

How long does she keep the eggs?
How long till the lavae travel to the sea...what do they eat and are they in tital pools or full on ocean?
How long till they are baby shrimp?
Do they transition on the way back to freshwater-or to they make the trip after they have changed from larval to shrimp?

I feel like Charlie Brown after he misses the football...AAARRRGGGHHHH.

I wish I had some time and funding, would just sit at home and play with variables...my Bachelor's in Bio is dying to do some experiments-but I have work and just don't have time to dedicate to this.

Need a trip to Singapore!!!!

01-02-2015, 07:50 PM
This would be a giant crapshoot, many variables involved, as you said...and, you'd almost have to monitor the situation 24/7

01-02-2015, 08:54 PM
<SIGH> I know. I guess all I can do is try. I will see when I go home if she still has some eggs and if so I will get a tank going with the extra air pump and heater for a nursery. I found a salinity guide for fresh to brackish to salt to saline so I can try to mimic hat one the eggs release and (hopefully) hatch.

I just can't believe that no one has been able to hit on the right steps to get these guys to breed. so many posts form 1-5 years ago with "I will check back with progress" and nothing with the follow up.

I will give it my best educated guess.

01-02-2015, 09:25 PM
I will be interested in what you learn and following along with your trials.

01-04-2015, 04:13 PM
Well I spoke to someone at a LFS and he said he had some bamboos effectively lay eggs and hatch with a small success rate because he left them in the tank with the other fish. He didn't play with salinity at all, but did mention if the pH wasn't low enough, then the egg either calcify or grow fungus before they get a chance to hatch. He said it was really hard to get them the right water conditions and health to lay eggs-let alone have 2 shrimp berried at the same time. He also said it could take 4-5 times of being berried until the adult shrimp are experienced enough to get any shrimletes to become adults.

I had purchased a box of Fluval peat about 2 weeks ago because the almond leaves and my current mopani and malaysian driftwoods weren't lowering the pH past 7.4. So I went ahead and cleaned out one of the Eheim Filters and added a bag of the peat to the canister. I also wound up doing about 1/3 water change as I needed the tank water to rinse the filter media and fill the filter back up.

This morning I checked all of my parameters and was not happy; ammonia is .25, nitrites are .25, nitrates are 40ppm. KH is 4 degrees/71.6ppm, GH is 11 degrees/196.9ppm, and pH is 6.4. Now the box of Fluval peat didn't say what amounts for what size filter/tank, so I just used the whole box. I have a feeling since it is organic it is affecting my ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels-obviously the pH.

I added some Prime and will test the conditions this afternoon and if it need it do another 25% water change as I will be at work all day tomorrow and don't want the water to get too foul for them.

Hope the conditions get better. Started a cycle of Stability too to boost the current BB.