View Full Version : injured albino walking catfish ...... please help

09-27-2014, 10:21 AM
hi guys i know there are a lot of catfish experts out there

hi guys my name is nikhil. i hail from india
i am a beginner in terms of raising fish.i have had an albino catfish for about a year now. everything was great until i introduced some tiger barbs in my pond. they are four in number. at first everyone was mingling well but few days back they started fin picing my catfish he is a big guy.they have mostly injured his dorsal fin. bones are visible . i have quarantined him . i do not know what medication i give him .please suggest me some good medication and the correct methods of their delivery..

i do not want to loose this guy please helppppppp!!

09-27-2014, 12:37 PM
If the wound is not infected, clean water is all the fish will need to heal. If it is infected you will want an anti-bacterial like this http://www.petguys.com/-317163160500.html?productid=-317163160500&channelid=FROOG&utm_source=CSEs&utm_medium=GoogleShopping&utm_campaign=PetGuys and follow the instructions on the box.