View Full Version : Very Cheap Equipment...cleaning out the closet.

08-13-2014, 07:10 PM
Just looking to get rid of some of the equipment I have cluttering up my "fish closet" if anyone has a use this stuff.

Fluval 105...missing intake strainer(dog probably helped with that). Otherwise it is complete I used it for about a little over a year, and it has been sitting since I moved. I had aspirations of putting it on a tank as a back up but mine dont need it so Im getting rid of it. I would suggest replacing the Oring seal as it has sat for awhile. Motor works I plugged it in briefly to check. Has original sponges, bio chem stars, and some carbon bags.

24" Coralife 2x65watt PC fixture. I used it for 6 months it has relatively new bulbs...however when I plugged it in the front bulb is not firing. I suspect this could be a bad ballast or loose wire. The other works fine...and Im sure you could easily repair the other one. It has sat unused for quite some time.

Brand new black Aqueon 55G hood(2x24")...came with a tank I purchased. I only grow live plants so this just wasnt strong enough to do the job for me. Great for very low light plants or a non-planted.

Take it all for $50 and Ill ship it to you for free:11: