View Full Version : Rotala Indica, Dwarf Sagittaria, Tiger Lotus, & Narrow Leaf Fern on driftwood

06-24-2014, 01:55 AM
Hey Everyone!

So, I just planted a lot of new plants that replaced a lot of stuff. If anyone's interested, I have this to give away:

3 x Tiger Lotus bulbs (1 medium, 2 small)
A crap ton of Dwarf Sagitaria (problem with these, is that they have algae, due to either lack of light in the front of the tank or too much light... not sure which). The roots look fantastic and strong. If you dip them or trim them, they'll do quite well for you.
Also a crap ton of Rotala indica (most with pink leaves)

I also have a piece of driftwood w/ narrow leaf ferns tied to it. Not sure what to do with it yet, but if you want it, I'll entertain some offers. Let me know ASAP, if you want anything, because these all need to go somewhere soon!


You can see most of what's offered in the above photo.

Dwarf sag is up along the front of the tank. The medium and one of the small tiger lotuses are in the left front corner. The narrow leaf ferns on driftwood are to the right of the lotuses. The Rotala Indica is on the right of the ludwigia and left/back of the right driftwood.

Let me know... these have to go asap.