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01-14-2014, 02:55 AM
Hi all, Billy here. Not professional, but not a noob either. It is my first time on a forum (although I've been reading here for months). Informationalist's love the internet forums! Anyhow I have me a 55 gal. and a 20 gal. The 55 is my main attraction, 20 for just a QT and for a goldfish, two mollies and two plecos I rescued from certain death at the hands of my BIL's children. At the moment I'm in a bit of a pickle as my 55 is slightly over stocked. I had recently set up and cycled the 20 to house some of mine, but then this rescue happened. Im so proud of myself. The goldfish and plecos suffered but not tragically. The poor mollies though. Both suffered terrible ammonia damage to the gills, fin rot and ick. They are a gold lyre tail and a dalmation. ALL are thriving now, Goldie's lyre is even coming back. Her gills are still damaged, but healing, hopefully not permanently.
So my 55 is a heavily planted affair, pristine water with a blood parrot, angel, 10 various tetras, 3 killies, 3 snails and 3 catfish. Oh and my absolute favorite - Tangerine Lobster. He just molted for the second time Saturday night. I spend hours a day just watching them all, everyone has their own 'personality'. I'll post a pic once I figure how! There's so many posts I'm just dying to comment/converse with here!

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Hi and welcome. Hope to see you around a lot.

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My 55 tank and the lobster.3170131702

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Sorry screwy pictures!

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Hi! Great pics!! :22:

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Welcome to the forum! we always love pics! thanks!

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Welcome to AC

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Welcome! Nice tank!

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