View Full Version : Missing fin filament but only on one spot... angel gurus explain plz

01-02-2014, 11:16 PM
First off I've seen these fins get lost in tussles between jack dempseys etc etc and they would grow back problem here is he never had one when I bought him when he was the size of a dime... no fin nipping going on he's about 2ish months old his body the size of a silver dollar amazing fins and color! but he's completely missing this one the pic in the link shows the caudal fin now he has his bottom caudal filament which is over an inch but no top never did.


Is it a genetic defect? I love the guy and the tanks water quality is top notch and like I said NO fin nipping ever seen besides why wouldn't the bottom one and his other fins be trimmed if that was the case... Any ideas? I've seen them torn off and completely regrow in bigger cichlids. I never had angelfish until recently so maybe I'm missing something here; it's driving me nuts! any help much appreciated!!

Oh and before you say water quality x2 50% changes a week 3 bio wheels and the water turns over 20 times an hour.

05-14-2014, 03:34 AM
It could be genetic/congenital if you've never seen one grow back. I've never heard of that, so I'm not really sure.