View Full Version : Val gradually shrinking - is this an indication of problems?

12-30-2013, 01:48 PM
I have jungle val planted in a 15 gallon tall tank. It started out with dark green leaves about an inch wide that grew to almost 3 feet at the longest ( some might have gone longer, but I started clipping the tips when they got outrageous). Now many of the older leaves have broken off and we have plenty of new growth, but the new leaves a coming in much narrower and brighter green. That has always been the case for each new leaf from the beginning, but the first few leaves the plant added seemed to eventually attain the same width and length as the original. These new ones are staying skinny. Now the entire plant is taking on a different shape!

We are using the light that the tank came with, so nothing special for plants, have hard-ish water, and haven't been using any ferts. Other plants in the tank are java moss and java fern and they are both happy as can be and growing rapidly. The val is still sending off runners and has made 4 additional plants since May.

Is this a cyclic thing to get all new growth every so often? Or a possible indication of lack of nutrients/light/something else? I am not unhappy with its new look, but if it is a sign of impending trouble I would like to head it off now :)

12-30-2013, 05:13 PM
Could be the cause of lower lighting than the conditions in which the plant was originally grown. Could be a lack of nutrients in the water column.