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10-20-2013, 10:26 AM
hi there !.... My Name is Zoey and i been keeping Guppies for about 2 years now :) I love guppies, i love all the different colors you can get or breed. i usually only keep females but recently got 4 males :), i have one Guppy that i got the first day i got my tank set up and settled, She was a small Yellow with black spotted Female Guppy, i still have her now :P she like 2 years old, Very fat and everyone in the family calls her "Mother Gup", she does have some children in the tank as well as one that looks identical to her who we all believe is her favorite daughter lol :P, I currently have one very sick Guppy whos in the baby net... im not sure if its fin root or if one male was picking on her, she missing her whole back fin but yet she still swimming fine.

I love guppies, it seems over the years the variety of color to get are decreasing and im not sure if thats the same for you? in the shops i can get: Yellow with black spots, Yellow,Orange,Red or see through blue. when i first started i was able to get : Yellow with orange lines,pink,blue with black spots,white with orange trims,dark blue and even greenish.
Do any of you lot have this problem where your limit in guppy colors are limited due to what is in the shops?

Anyways heres some pictures of my fish :) the big Fat Yellow one is Mother Gup...

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