View Full Version : My LFS misinformed me again, I could use a little help and advice please.

09-30-2013, 01:39 AM
Well it is my own fault, an impulse buy I suppose you could say. I ran in today to get filters for my fluvel and there was a blue dragon goby by himself in a small tank. I am in the process of restocking a 125 gal tank and just have a big pleco, 2 nickel sized angels and 5 small rams. I was told he was a gentle shy fish and would be great with these other fish. I asked about diet, adult size, water temp. and parameters etc. After I got him home and researched him on the internet I realized he was not even a fresh water fish but a brackish water fish. I cant take him back and I want to try and do the best for him so I am going to set up my other tank (a 75 gl bowfront) as a brackish tank and move that tanks inhabitants (2 blood parrots and 5 cories) to the big tank. ok here are my questions . How would I accliimitize this fish to go into a brackish tank? What other tankmates could he have? I think that mollies are or can be brackish but I know they are housed in fresh water at the lfs. I know that some puffers are brackish (there is a figure 8 at the pet store kept in freshwater) My goal is to have a varied, colorful and lively tank. Please help with suggestions. Oh in case it might make a difference I have a sand substrate.

09-30-2013, 01:51 AM
Just gradually increase the salinity to the desired level with a marine salt mix. The mollies can be acclimated the same way. Puffers can also be brackish but as far as I know they are very aggressive. A few brackish fish I know are argent monos, scats, glass fish, some other gobies, archerfish.

12-02-2013, 04:22 AM
Archerfish are epic fish. I've read that glass catfish like brackish water... You could maybe try other dragon gobies? Also, definitely go for other gobies, most gobies aren't so brightly colored but have loads and loads of personality. I'm fairly sure guppies can be brackish water... You'll wanna research that.
I'm pretty sure dragon gobies won't eat any smaller fish unless they're really hungry... You could try bumblebee gobies. I once saw a dragon goby in a pet store who was at least a foot long, and he had this tiny little 3/4" bumblebee goby pecking at a speck on his fin over and over. The goby wasn't even moving! It was just sitting there like a big dog being harrassed by a tiny kitten... Hilarious.
Dragon gobies are really neat. My LFS gets in a species of puffer that they say is peaceful... It's a good store, too, they'll tell the truth even if it means they lose a sale. Hmm... What else... I'm pretty sure there are brackish pipefish, but those might be difficult. You made a really great choice, converting the whole tank to keep the dragon goby. A lot of people wouldn't do that.
Random fact: Mollies, if acclimated properly, can be anywhere from freshwater, to brackish, to even full marine.

02-08-2014, 05:49 AM
I have had brackish water tanks before and there are lots of different fish that you can get. I love archer fish, I had mine spitting water at crickets I would hold over top the tank. Needle Nose Gars are also really cool as you can hand feed them feeder gold fish (just no other small fish with them). Monos are great, but the Sabaes need to eventually go to full marine as they get older.....not sure if argentus is the same. White tips sharks are also another great brackish fish, scats come in several different types (green, silver, red) and if you really want to get crazy, go find a moray eel. I had one and it was a hoot... and of course puffer fish.