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07-25-2013, 06:29 AM
Well I used to have a 75 gallon and a 115 gallon cichlid tanks.I lucked into inheriting them from an old roommate.I had them up and going for 3 years before I moved into a small apartment with my wife.The 75 gallon housed my convicts, and oscars,While the 115 had a pair of Jaguars and a lone dovi .We eventually sold both aquariums do to space and finances . I am still kicking myself in the rump for that lol. My wife and I have been together 8 years now and since we have our own house she decided to get me an aquarium again. My old thanks were bare except for rocks boulders and gravel. This time I want to aquas-cape my 65 gallon aquarium. i plan on doing the substrate and the ground cover this week and adding the caves hair grass and moss in a few weeks after the baby dwarf tears are started.

I have never used live plants before as cichlids have a habit of digging.I have seen several planted cichlid tanks on line and it gave me hope. I will start interduceing a pleco, an army of ghost shrimp and a few neon's at the 3-4 week of plant growth. Im hoping if I give them a head start they can establish hiding spots and start a life cycle.I will be adding my 2 cichlids november or december. Debating on a pair of oscars or jack dempseys. I hope to find some wonderful advice on planted aquariums and hope to be a helpful member here.

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Greetings from a fellow Okie. I am not into the big tanks yet. Getting kind of old to be lugging that much water around. So far, I have 2 tens, 2 fives and a 20 long in the process of cycling. Have another 20 long and a 29 waiting in the wing. I like community tanks with Tetras as the main fish. Have a couple dozen ghost shrimp too. Neat little boogers

What part of Oklahoma are you in? I am down by Lake Eufaula. Hope you didn't get any nasty weather the other night. We only had wind and a lot of rain, but town lost electric.

Better get off here and get busy. Thursday is wc day.

Hope you have a blessed day

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Welcome! Your tank sounds like it's well thought out. Look forward to some pictures. GO POKES!!!!

07-25-2013, 03:51 PM
I live down in Duncan Ok
As far as photo's I have the first one of the empty tank sitting on its stand.I plan on taking a few durring each stage of the set up.
You know substrate,starting plants then time elaps of every few weeks. I am also a member of a pepper forums and have done grow logs using a similar process.

Thank you all for the greetings!!

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hello:22: and welcome :19:to the AC thumbs2:, imo the best fish site ever.

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